Connection Success Story: My Bumble Match Saved My House!

This is a connection success story about how your Bumble match could save your life. (Literally.) We'll let Laura tell you her story in her own words!

"You never know when a Bumble match could save your life. 

Ed is a high-level executive at an auto company. (This will be relevant later.) The afternoon before our date, I picked up my car from the car dealership where it had been serviced, filled it up with gas, parked it in the garage, and ran upstairs to change clothes. 

By the time I finished getting ready and walked downstairs, my entire house smelled like gasoline. I raced to the garage and found 18 gallons of gas leaking all over the garage floor!

I'm a 35 year old single female. I own a house, manage my own portfolio, and own a successful company, but I have NO idea what to do about car problems. Zero. I don’t even know how to set cruise control. In light of this, I chose to ignore it and took an Uber to my date with Ed instead.    

After a quick google search of 'gas leaks' on my way to the date, I realized the seriousness of the situation I left back at the house. I arrived at our date and skipped all the first date pleasantries in favor of immediately word vomiting the gas leak situation to Ed.

Whether it was Ed’s knowledge of the dangers of gas leaks or seeing me hyperventilate into a paper bag, this was enough to make Ed spring into action. 

Ed’s career in the auto industry came in handy - he knew exactly how to handle the very serious 18-gallon gas leak, now flooding my entire garage, which was dangerously close to the gas water heater.

It took a combination of numerous bags of kitty litter, re-wiring the car to get it out of the garage without turning on the engine (in the dark because we couldn’t turn on any lights), waiting for 5 hours until the tow truck came at 11pm, and several calls with the car dealership where he coached me on what to say, but the problem got solved.

Oh, and he bought us two Snickers from the neighboring Walgreens because we had missed dinner and, in his words, 'We weren’t going anywhere for a while.'

Ed literally saved my life. If I hadn’t swiped right, I would have tried to start the car and probably blown up my entire house. Ed and I have become great friends."

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Laura!

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