Bumble Success Story: Kelly + Shreep

Kelly and Shreep matched on Bumble in December 2016. Below is their success story in their own words!

I messaged Shreep right away, and was very surprised he swiped right on me (I swiped right first). After constantly talking for a few hours, we exchanged phone numbers and he asked me to lunch for the following day. I was planning on going to lunch for an hour, maybe two. After four hours and him being late to going to his friend’s house, we unfortunately had to say goodbye. We both know that was just the start of something amazing.

What attracted me to Shreep was his pictures - he had one of him in his scrubs at the hospital doing a handstand in the elevator. That will always stand out in my mind. He says [what attracted him to me was] how I attractive I was and how I was into sports (even though I like his rival team). I’m finishing school right now and graduating in May, so our big news is I will move in with him after I graduate! We’re looking for the perfect engagement ring in the meantime :).

We both now couldn’t imagine our lives without each other and are immensely excited to spend the rest of our lives together. We are so thankful for Bumble - if it wasn’t for your app, we know for sure we wouldn’t have met.

Thank you to Shreep and Kelly for sharing your story with us. We're so happy for you! 

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