Bumble Success Story: Lauren + Sean

Lauren and Sean matched in August 2016 and were traveling together just two months later! Here's their story: 

"In Bumble tradition, I made the 'first move' by first messaging him, "Hey Sean, Welcome to Baltimore! You look hot, fun, and smart. What more could a girl ask for?" He then mentioned that he moved from Chicago and I said I wanted to move there. His response was, "Move to Chicago? I just got here!"

We decided to meet at a bar called The Point and played giant Jenga and life-sized Connect Four. We were so distracted in conversation; I had won without even realizing it. We bar hopped and listened to some live music and ended with late night sushi - yum! The night ended with a sweet kiss. After that, we spent every day together for a week (zoo, hiking, etc.) until he had to start his new job. I even called out of work three days in a row. (Shhh, don't tell my boss.)

Things were going great. On Oct 1. we flew to Chicago, but because of scheduling issues he took an earlier flight. I knew then that I had met THE ONE! I wasn't familiar with Chicago so he took it upon himself to send me on an airport scavenger hunt when I arrived. He put about 20 Post-It notes around the Chicago airport and took pictures of where he hid them, which eventually led me through the airport and onto the train I needed to take. He was smiling at me when I got off the train with a rose and the last two post it notes, which said, "You are the missing piece to my puzzle." "Will you be my girlfriend?" My heart melted and I said, "Of course."

What stood out about his profile: His pictures - he looked hot, fun, and smart... And he was adventurous because he moved to Baltimore by himself. I knew I would be the perfect person to show him the town.

What stood out about her profile: He says my pictures because I looked adventurous too.

Now we're having so much fun living together and exploring Baltimore and the east coast. Sean is into photography, so it's always a fun challenge for me to find cool spots to take him to for pictures. We took a road trip together to Florida to visit my grandparents, then drove to Texas to meet his parents. We stopped in New Orleans and other important cities along the way to see friends and family. We're currently working on a Kickstarter campaign together as well as many industrial DIY projects around the apartment. Along with our plans to get married, hopefully on NYE 2017, we're also planning to take a year-long honeymoon and travel around the world. We're excited about the many adventures that await us!"

Thank you to Lauren and Sean for sharing your story with us. We're so happy for you! 

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