Bumble Success Story: Maura + Brett

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When did you match on Bumble?

June 25th, 2016 (Maura joined on June 24th, 2016)!

How long did it take to meet up after matching? What did you do for your first meet up/date?

Maura: 4 days – only because he was traveling for work or it would have been sooner!

We met at a wine bar in the village where I was living. I had dinner with close friends for my birthday right before and they crashed the date! After about 5 minutes they knew he was special so they left and we hung out for wine out on the patio then walked across the street and closed down the bar at our favorite rib joint.

 Maura, what was the first message you sent on Bumble?

“What would make one move from London, England to Cleveland, Ohio?”

Brett, what was your first reply back?

Something along the lines of “Ha! I moved here via Germany for work and never left.”

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Maura, wow did this match feel different?

The conversation was so easy. We had a bunch in common and he made me smile. I usually never have any apps push notifications but I turned it on for Bumble so I wouldn’t miss a single message!

Brett, how did this match feel different?

Simply put, it felt natural.  Whether it were the countless relate points or the fact I knew I was attracted to everything about her – nothing I would have to find myself “getting over.”

 Maura, what was your first impression of Brett? How did you feel before the first date?

Before the first date, I knew I was about to meet someone very special. My friend even said “this is your last first date.” I’ve dated enough to build up a lot of skepticism but with Brett, I knew that this person was genuinely a good guy. He was actually interested in me: my family, my life growing up, my education, my job… Before we even met, we had amassed hundreds of text messages.

Brett, what was your first impression of Maura? How did you feel before the first date?

My first impression: Cute, but who are these other people ;) But seriously, to see Maura in person was a feeling of great joy after the many messages and conversations digitally, euphoria if you well.  How did I feel?  I was anxious not to be late, and got there 40minutes early.  In addition to this and unbeknownst to me at the time she and her friends saw me circling as I looked to find a parking space – thankfully she stuck around!

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 Maura, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

After a year together with so much change (co-habiting, co-parenting, engagements), I still feel the same butterflies I felt the night of our first date whenever I come home to him.

Brett, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

I’m with Maura on the butterflies, I would also have to mention we are both at a point in our lives where we have done so much, but still have so much to do, and Maura is the person I want to be with.

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Where are you now? Where are you headed in the future? (Traveling, next steps, etc.)

On April 22nd, in London England, Brett proposed. It was the best day of my life and he made me the happiest woman ever. When we returned to Cleveland, we excitedly told his children and began to plan our future. On December 30th, in front of our family and friends, we will be married. After we honeymoon, the rest of our lives will no doubt be full of adventure, as we continue to grow together. As if that isn’t enough, we have been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot already and will continue doing new things and create memories together, but this time it will be in the guise of husband and wife!

Thanks so much, Maura and Brett, for sharing your story! We're so happy for you two!

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