Bumble x Straight But Not Narrow: Break the Silence Project


Bullying perpetuates the cycle of hate. Whether it’s fear-, insecurity-, or superiority-based, a bully is attempting to artificially inflate their own self-worth by attempting to lessen the value of their victim.

Bumble’s mission is to provide a safe, kind, and equal platform for our users, and we always encourage them to treat each other with respect. In honor of National Best Friend Day on June 8th, we’ve teamed up with Straight But Not Narrow to bring you the Bumble "Break The Silence" Challenge. You’re invited and encouraged to join thousands across the country who are completing the challenge any day through the end of June.


Here’s the challenge:

Once nominated, you have 24 hours find someone - a friend, coworker, or family member - to film you ripping off a piece of tape covering your mouth. You then have to nominate three friends to participate in the #BumbleBTSChallenge as well! If you choose not to accept the nomination, you must donate to #StraightButNotNarrow. (In a perfect world, you’ll be inspired to do both!)

Straight But Not Narrow’s mission is to encourage straight allies to be supporters and friends to their LGBTQ friends, family, and classmates. Often after a member of the LBGTQ community opens up about their sexuality to their family, they find themselves homeless. This leads to that person not only searching for acceptance but trying to learn how to survive. SBNN provides refurbished phones and laptops to members of the LBGTQ community. This gives them a way to get back on their feet after they’ve been abandoned by their families.

We hope you will join us in spreading this message of kindness and compassion. In order to be a friend, we believe people need to join together and support one another. Part of the responsibility of friendship is having the courage to speak out against bullies hurting our friends or fellow community members. Staying silent in the face of bullying - online or in person - may seem like the safer choice, but it’s detrimental to all involved. Together, we can stand up to bullying.

Inspired to make a change? DONATE!

Your Straight But Not Narrow Donation:

  • $50 allows SBNN’s PowerOn to refurbish a cell phone/laptop and send to that device to LGBT youth who need a safe place to connect.
  • $25 pays for solar-powered battery pack charging stations for LGBT youth who do not have a safe place to charge their phone.
  • More information about the program: human-i-t.org/programs-poweron/
  • To donate electronics: human-i-t.org/ally/

Disclaimer: Individuals participating in the Bumble x Straight But Not Narrow #BumbleBTSChallenge do so at their own risk. Bumble and Straight But Not Narrow are not responsible for, and specifically disclaim responsibility for, any loss, injury, liability, cost, damage, or other claim arising from or in relation to the #BumbleBTSChallenge.