Buzzin’ Bout...

Hi there, Honey! Between tending to our honeys and general beekeeping, The Hive has been buzzin’ about a few things - and we couldn’t help but share them with you!

What’s got you buzzin’ this week? Drop us a line and let us know! 


The Bumble Hive 

Have we made it clear how excited we are about #HoneyPledgeClass2016? We can’t get enough of them! #HoneyPledgeClass2016 is the

Maybe you heard this song in our #HoneyPledgeClass2016 GIF, maybe you didn’t. Either way, we have it playing on repeat while we buzz around the Bumble Hive.

Who runnin’ thangs? Ladies. Just for reference, of the 121 medals, women earned 61 of them!

Maybe we’re not exactly the target demographic for Disney’s new flick, Pete’s Dragon. But we are suckers for Disney and we’re really kids at heart here at The Hive. 

We can confirm: the buzz about Glossier’s Boy Brow is real. Let’s just say the whole Hive’s eyebrows are #OnFleek. 

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