From Goat Yoga To 90s Nights, These Besties Have Nailed The 'Friend Date'

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When Lexy moved from Southern California to Portland, Oregon in January for a job promotion, she only knew one person in the entire city. She needed to find some new girlfriends, stat! She matched with fellow transplanted SoCal native Jamie on Bumble BFF, and the two met for margaritas. 

"We hit it off instantly," said Lexy. "We share a positive outlook on life and a 'yes' mentality. We also have similar interests and hobbies. By the end of dinner, I felt like we'd known each other for years."

Soon, the girl gang grew: Alyx and Amber, who Jamie also met on Bumble BFF, started joining in for quirky, unusual 'friend dates.' Sure, it's always fun to grab your pals for a few glasses of wine, but in a gorgeous place like mountainous Oregon, the group figured they'd try snow-shoeing. They also got together for a '90s night, whipping out the Nintendo 64 from the back of the closet and even playing beloved grade school game MASH

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Their most memorable date so far, though: goat yoga, the adorable craze currently sweeping the country. This cutest of all imaginable sports actually originated in Oregon, so it made sense for the new besties to pay homage to their adopted home state. 

Up next? They plan to check out a Portland Timbers soccer game; go sky-diving; rent a house for a weekend in the stunning outdoor sports hub of Bend, Oregon; take a road trip up the Pacific coast; and maybe even head further afield — "somewhere warm and possibly out of the country," Lexy said. 

Just recently, Lexy and Jamie both matched on Bumble BFF with another young woman, Kristy. She's since joined the growing group, which they've nicknamed "the beehive." 

"There is never a dull moment with these ladies," Lexy said. "We're always making each other laugh. They're always up for adventure and exciting new experiences. They're the type of girls that will be there through the good times and the bad. The beehive is growing!"

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