On National BFF Day, Treat Your Friends (Or Yourself — Why Not!)


Here’s one you probably haven’t heard before: Best friends are kind of like vases. (Just stay with us, ok?!) Each is beautiful and unique, but they’re also supportive, allowing each one of us to bloom to our fullest potential. 

At Bumble, we recognize the power and importance of friendship. Your platonic relationships can be just as loving, motivating and transformative as your romantic ones.

That’s why this National Best Friends Day, we’re teaming up with our pals at flower delivery startup UrbanStems to help you celebrate your BFF the way they deserve.

From Thursday, June 7 through Friday, June 8, we're running two exclusive offers for you and your BFF: receive 15% off your first UrbanStems order when you use the code BUMBLE15 at checkout or get a free glass vase when you spend $65 or more. To access your free vase, just add the 'Glass Vase' to your shopping cart and use the code BFFDAY at checkout.

Friendship is more than having a lunch date or a concert buddy. It’s the force that lifts us when we fall and pushes us to blossom, year-round. Your bestie’s Friday is about to get a whole lot better. (Or, yours is. There's nothing stopping you from sending yourself a bouquet, after all. There's no shame in self-love, any day of the year!)