Inside the Hive: Bumble Takes Marfa

Post acai bowls and several pit stops, we hit the road for Marfa. As four non-Texans, we were blown away when we realized that we would spend six and a half-hours driving and still be in the same state. We piled into our car and blasted our Marfa playlist – an eclectic mix of “Life of Pablo,” early 2000 hits, and Flume. Having whimsical photoshoots along the way, we took frequent stops where we marveled over the austere beauty of West Texas.

It took us far longer than we expected to get to Marfa – turns out that rumors suggesting that you can drive as fast as you desire in West Texas aren’t actually true (the cops taught us that valuable lesson). By the time we checked into Hotel Paisano (yes, the very same hotel James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson stayed in while filming Giant in 1956), we were too tired to do anything but snack and sleep.

We made up for our long drive by making the most of the film festival’s last day: we explored Marfa, caught as many films as we could, lounged at our pool party, swiped right on the entirety of the festival-goers and then ran into them at the farewell party.

From our brunch at Squeeze (get The Italian sandwich), we wandered around the yurts and trailers at El Cosmico (the very same hotel Beyonce chose for her visit to Marfa), cooled off at our pool party (which we can confirm Marfa’s Justice of the Peace dubbed the best pool party in Marfa, ever), hit up Prada Marfa (the iconic art installation by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset that’s actually in Valentine, Texas), and danced at the Bowie and Prince themed farewell party (because what else do you do at a Bowie and Prince themed party).

In truth, our full day in Marfa with the incredibly talented filmmakers and photographers we met felt far longer than the 24 hours it spanned. But, as we learned, that’s the magic of Marfa – time is suspended.


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