Inside the Hive: The Bumble Hive

sofafolding trays, cowhide rugcowhide bench, hicks stools, bar cart, armchairs, acrylic console, sisal rug

After a swarm of requests to see our office, we proudly present The Bumble Hive, located in Downtown Austin, and just as yellow as you’d expect! Our talented Marketing and Events Manager, Dani, has spent over a year collecting the pieces that match the bright, current, easy-going Bumble vibe: a metallic cowhide, lucite coffee tables and Bumble-yellow arm chairs in our living room; chalkboards, candy jars and flowers in our kitchen; lucite tables with coral chairs and white boards in one conference room, and a massive oak table and pink Turkish rug in another. Like what you see? We’ve included links to the items or similar pieces so you can get the Bumble yellow glow in your home or office too!


The Bumble Hive

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