Get Your Birth Control Online to Take Back Control

We know it's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all the changes to women's healthcare happening in the United States recently.

Last week, the Trump administration announced their decision to take away an Affordable Care Act requirement stating that employers will cover the cost of birth control for their employees. This means your employer can legally decide to stop your insurance from covering your birth control method of choice without your consent or knowledge.

At Bumble, our mission is empowering women to make their own choices about their lives. We want to make sure every woman knows her options for continuing to use her birth control method of choice, no matter what Washington (or her employer) says. Bumble is committed to continuing to provide birth control coverage to all of our employees. We hope your employer will do the same.

If you’re newly impacted by this change and worried about how you're going afford your birth control without insurance help, we have a solution for you.

Nurx is an new, fully online, 100% legal contraceptive startup that takes the hassle out of getting your birth control. They handle everything from getting a doctor’s prescription to putting in requests for refills. Nurx streamlines delivery of your preferred birth control method straight to your door with no shipping fees, making the entire process completely private, safe, and affordable.


Whether you find yourself without health insurance coverage for your birth control, without health insurance coverage period, or you just want a private and safe way to get your birth control method of choice every month, you can do it through Nurx starting at just $15 per refill. 

Nurx works with your local pharmacy to get you the contraceptive of your choice, whether it's the combination pill, the mini pill, the patch, or the ring. They also offer a rush order of Plan B if the unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of emergency contraception. 

Signing up for Nurx takes less than 5 minutes and can be done completely online without ever seeing a doctor in person. Nurx partners with fully licensed doctors in your state. These doctors can answer any questions you may have about different birth control methods, your prescription, or anything else.

The doctors are available to walk you through all of your options. You can use Nurx whether you've been using birth control for years or are just starting to explore whether it's right for you. Nurx is 100% HIPAA compliant, meaning that your private health information is fully protected.

If it seems like we think Nurx is the best thing to happen to birth control since the invention of the pill, you’re right! Click here to check out Nurx for yourself.

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If you're not sure which birth control method might be right for you, Planned Parenthood is another way you can navigate the confusing and seemingly ever-changing landscape of women’s healthcare. Planned Parenthood is committed to helping women choose their birth control and working with women to pay for it. As stated on PP's website:

"We do our best to help you afford the birth control method you choose — no matter what your situation is. Whether you have your own health insurance, are on your parents’ plan, or don’t have insurance at all, we’ve got you covered."

This is another one of the many incredible services PP provides in addition to their essential healthcare and cancer screenings for women. We support and stand by Planned Parenthood whenever possible. PP just launched their #FightForBirthControl campaign. If you want to learn more, go to!

Now more than ever, it’s so important to make sure our voices are heard. If you're not happy with the decisions being made in Washington, calling your representatives is the best way to make your voice heard and spur real change. If you’re not sure where to call, click here to find your state senator's number and speak your mind! 



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