Stay Safe! How To Give Yourself a Breast Exam


We’re thrilled to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at Bumble.
Early detection is key, so we’ve teamed up with Just Nips to get the facts on breast self-exams. Read below for how to do a comprehensive breast self-exam every month.

Know yourself. 

Know what’s normal so you can know when something’s not normal. This is “the biggest takeaway and most important part of conducting regular self-exams,” Just Nips founder Molly Borman says. 
Take time to learn what your body looks and feels like at different times throughout your cycle. 
Breasts in particular change with your hormone levels, so it’s important to do your breast self-exam at the same time each month. 


Check your breasts in the shower.

You’re already naked and relatively distraction-free. Once you’re in the shower, take two fingers and start moving them in a circular pattern along your chest, starting from the outside of the breast and moving toward the center. Be sure to include your armpit area as well, checking for abnormal lumps and bumps the entire time. 

Check your breasts in the mirror, too.

It’s important to get a visual, so be sure to inspect each breast in the mirror as well as the shower. Lift both arms overhead and take a good look. If this is your first time examining yourself this way, you might notice your left and right breast may not match in size. This is very normal. What’s not normal? Significant swelling, dimpling of the skin, or thick discharge from your nipples. 

Check your breasts lying down.

Lay down on a bed or flat surface so your breast tissue is spread evenly. Using two fingers, check for any irregularities by moving in the same circular pattern as before, starting from the outside of your breast to the center and including the armpit area. Use light, medium, and firm pressure at each spot. 
There’s nothing difficult about performing a breast self-exam, but many women say they have a hard time remembering to do them each month. Let’s take care of that! Right now, take out your phone, open your calendar, pick a day, and set a recurring monthly alarm to remind you to self-check. Problem solved. 
Another thing to remember is that every single body is different, so don’t compare yours to anyone else’s. What looks and feels right in your body may not be the same in the next person’s, and vice versa.
If you do happen to find an abnormality during a monthly breast self-check (or any other time), make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor. They’ll take it from there!

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