Happy Women's Equality Day!

On August 26, 1920, the United States of America passed the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. While women always had a voice, the 19th Amendment guaranteed their right to be heard. Today, 96 years later, we commemorate that hard-won right to vote. We honor the trailblazers and suffragettes who fought for generations of female voices to be heard. We celebrate the reality that women are not only voting, but running for office - and winning.

2016 is a powerful year to be a woman: U.S. female athletes outpaced their male counterparts and took home more medals (61). More women hold seats in Congress than ever before (104). More women are attending college than men (57% female versus 43% male). More women are holding executive positions at Fortune 500 companies. A woman is even running for president.

While all of that is amazing, it doesn’t mean we’ve made it yet. It doesn’t mean we should take our medals, seats in congress, college education, and executive positions and be satisfied. As women, we want more. We ask for more. We work for more.

We are committed to making 2017 an even more exciting and powerful year to be a woman. We're committed to ending gender bias, gender-based violence, economic inequality, and educational disparities. Ultimately, we're committed to making the next generation of men and women consider the stories of wage inequality and leadership gaps and sexual assault and harassment we still experience today as baffling antiquated rituals of the past. We want them to seem as backwards and irrational as not brushing your teeth or thinking the world is flat.

At Bumble, we are proud to be a female-led company.

Happy Women’s Equality Day. Cheers to shattering glass ceilings, today and every day!


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