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Welcome to the BFF Book Club, presented by Bumble BFF and Indigo! This month’s book is Brave, Not Perfect: Fear Less, Fail More, and Live Bolder by Reshma Saujani. If you haven’t read the book yet, you can still get 50% off from Indigo. Just match with the BFF Book Club profile on Bumble BFF to get your code.

There’s nothing like connecting over the power of a great book, and Brave, Not Perfect offers so many lessons and inspiration. Have you ever struggled with perfectionism? Do you fear failure? In order to grow and learn, Saujani pushes us to take risks and be bold. It isn’t always easy, but, as Saujani argues, putting yourself out there can lead to a much more fulfilled life.

First things first when it comes to gathering your book club: refreshments! Good food and drink fuels excellent conversation and connection. May we suggest a glass of rosé or a sweet mocktail to really get those inquiring minds flowing.

Next up, we like to start a good book club meeting with an activity that takes on the book’s themes. For Brave, Not Perfect why not try an improv game to help you and your fellow members let go of your fears, fail and little bit more, take risks and laugh together.

  • A simple and easy one is the Word at a Time game, where you go around in a circle and try to tell a story one word at a time, with each person in the circle adding the next word.

  • Another fun one? Two truths and a lie, where each person makes three statements about themselves, and the rest of the group have to guess which one is the lie.

These will help your group get into the mindset of the Brave, Not Perfect.

Now it’s time for to open the conversation up to questions and open discussion. Some suggest questions to consider!

  • First impressions? What did you think of the book overall?

  • Saujani describes perfect as something girls are encouraged to be whereas boys as encouraged to be brave. Do you agree? Do you have personal experiences that might reflect that dichotomy? Discuss.

  • Saujani aligns the quest for perfectionism with a fear of speaking your mind and going after what you really want and rather feeling the “need to please”. Do you agree? Discuss.

  • How do you define failure? What is one thing failure has taught you?

  • Saujani writes, “Perfection is boring.” What are your favourite flaws about yourself? What makes you interesting?

  • Saujani debunks that bravery is naturally a trait owned by men. What are some examples of bravery by women that you can think of?

  • “It’s brace to rock who you are, loud and proud and without apologies.” What do you need to stop apologizing for?

  • “Bravery sets us free,” write Saujani. If you were at your bravest, wha would you be free to do? What fears are holding you back from that now?

  • Saujani argues that prioritizing yourself (you’ve probably heard of self-care) will give you the fuel to be brave. What does that look like for you?

  • Of Saujani’s many strategies to “nix the need to please”, what resonates with you most?

Enjoy your first BFF Book Club, and don’t forget to check back for May’s book next month on Bumble BFF!

Emily Ramshaw