Join Bumble Bizz for Pay Equity Day

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In a recent survey by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada had the dubious honour of having the 8th highest wage gap out of 43 countries surveyed.

On average, Canadian women earn 88 cents for every dollar a man makes. The wage gap widens for women of colour, indigenous women, and trans women.

That means, at best, Canadian women have to work an extra 2.5 months per year to earn the same income as a man in the exact same job. It doesn’t help that jobs traditionally taken by women (think domestic worker, nurse, or teacher) are paid less well than those dominated by men in part because they’re seen as extensions of work women perform at home for free. A recent study also found that of the CEOs of the 100 most influential companies on the TSX, only one — ONE — is a woman.

It’s time to wage against the machine.

On Ontario Pay Equity Day on April 9, Bumble Bizz will plant a firm stake in the ground. In Toronto’s financial district, and on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, keep your eye out for Bizz coffee trucks. To get a cup men will be asked to donate $1.00 and women will be asked for $0.88 to reflect the nature of “market price”. All donations will be given directly to Plan International Canada’s Because I Am A Girl campaign

Join Bumble Bizz on April 9 by pledging your time to supporting the women in your community and fighting for pay equity for all women.

Emily Ramshaw