It’s 2019 and Time to #BumbleBoldly

BumbleBoldly_Blog Header.png

We like to think of vulnerability as a strength. Making the first moves naturally requires you to put yourself out there — which can feel like a scary place to be. However, what feels like a vulnerable position is also what puts you in the driver’s seat of your own life.

A little while ago, we asked over 1,000 Canadian women if they felt that vulnerability was a strength. While most women we surveyed find vulnerability empowering, others are nervous to be straightforward about their desires, even though doing so might lead to a happier life.

So let’s take the opportunity that a new year represents. 2019 is the year to walk the walk, stop worrying so much, and state what we want. It’s time be honest with ourselves and declare what we’re looking for in all the important relationships in our lives. Never settle. Instead, we want you to #BumbleBoldly.

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Emily Ramshaw