5 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Staying your best hydrated self is important this time of year. It's summer. It's hot. You're hot. (And you're never thirsty.) Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay cool when the temperature is rising.

1. Drink lots of water.
We know - this one is obvious. Drinking water can feel like a chore. Even if you're spending this weekend in the sun with frosé in hand, remember to stay hydrated! If you infuse it with things like lemon, mint, or cucumber slices, your 8 glasses a day will remind you of being at a luxurious spa. Drinking water: Suddenly fun and fancy!


2. Treat your face to a super-hydrating mask.
Masks that look like animals. Masks that come off with magnets. This is by far the most trendy and effective way to deliver some serious hydration to your skin. (Or just recover from a late night.) In the amount of time it takes you to edit that perfect photo for your Instagram, you’ll have a glowing, gorgeous, totally refreshed face. 

3. Jump in! (And make a splash!)
Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most fun. Take that core temperature down a few degrees by jumping, diving, or cannon-balling into a cool lake, pool, or the ocean if you're lucky enough to live nearby. We recommend bringing a giant swan or pizza-shaped floatation device for best results.

4. Apply coconut oil after a long day in the sun.
Coconut oil is like magic for dry (and yes, OK, sometimes slightly burned) skin. Keep a jar in your shower and rub it all over while you’re still damp. You’ll feel hydrated from the outside in. Plus, it'll help extend your (eventual) tan!


5. SuperSwipe that babe on Bumble

SuperSwipe is our favorite way to stay hydrated year-round. Making a bold first impression is never thirsty. 

Whether you're drinking water or laying out by the pool, or enjoying our in-house frosé recipe, remember to stay hydrated this summer, honey. You deserve it!




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