Going After What You Want Isn't Thirsty

Our new SuperSwipe feature is combatting the idea that a woman going after what (or who) she wants is desperate ... or thirsty. At Bumble, we reject the idea that a woman pursuing her dreams and making bold moves is thirsty at all.

Being thirsty means you need validation and external attention in order to feel fulfilled. Being hydrated means you don't need external validation - you're confident in yourself. Hydrated women know what (or whom) they want and unapologetically go after it.

While we continue to fight for equality in the external world, many women have an internal narrative that tells them not to go after what they want. They're afraid that anything they pursue instead of letting the other person take the lead may be seen as thirsty.

The idea of being thirsty has seeped into our social media feeds, and in turn, into our heads. As women, we begin to question the ‘thirstiness’ of our actions. Is it thirsty if I pursue a higher salary or ask that person out first?

Throughout history, women who have pursued their dreams have changed the world. If Susan B. Anthony didn’t go after equal rights, women might not have the right to vote. If Kristen Bell didn’t ask Dax Shepard to marry her, we might not have this incredible video

It isn’t perceived as thirsty when a man is confident in his pursuit of a woman, and we believe it isn’t thirsty for a woman to pursue whoever she chooses either. It isn’t thirsty to go after who or what you want. It's confident and empowered.

Ask for that raise. Text first. SuperSwipe that amazing person on Bumble. Be hydrated.



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