BOOM! Spotify and Bumble Bring Music Taste to Your Bumble Profile


Music has brought people together for generations (and can often indicate how well you’ll get along with a potential mate). We’re hooking up with our perfect match, Spotify, to help people make more meaningful connections with music taste in mind.

Rolling out over the next few weeks, users can connect their Spotify account to their Bumble profile to showcase the top artists they listen to on Spotify. If you’re eager to learn more about the artist displayed (and get some bonus talking points for your potential connection), you can click on the artist, which will take you to that artist's page on Spotify. 

Getting started is easy: Simply open your profile settings in Bumble, select "Connect to Spotify," and BOOM - you’re on your way to finding a connection made in music heaven.

To celebrate our partnership with Spotify and music’s ability to bring people together, we’ve created a playlist of the top tracks found on dating playlists on Spotify. Check it out here!

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