Welcome To Bumble Bootcamp!

This year, Bumble Bootcamp was held in our Headquarter city: Austin, Texas. Bumble Bootcamp is a week-long program for our top performing College Brand Ambassadors to meet one another and work together.

Our Campus Directors and Brand Ambassadors carry our voice and heart in the movement for social change. All of our Ambassadors play a key role in setting up events at Universities and inspiring young adults to make the first move in all aspects of their lives - whether it's finding friends or making an impact in their community. The days centered around college marketing, how to be a great leader, guerrilla marketing events, and working as a team. Each day included speakers, brainstorming, bonding activities, and fun competition.

The program was a success this year and our ambassadors were eager to share their takeaways!

Speakers: Whitney (CEO); Alex (Head of Brand); Sam (Director of College Marketing)

Speakers: Whitney (CEO); Alex (Head of Brand); Sam (Director of College Marketing)

Favorite wise words from Whitney, our CEO and Founder:

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle."
“You have the power to create your own future and wake up looking forward to connecting, communicating, and celebrating.” 
“Work until your haters ask if you're hiring.” 

What is some advice you've learned about friendships, working hard, and going for what you want?

Mary Ralph: I have learned that you can and you should step outside of your group. And you can never have too many girlfriends!

How would you describe Bumble as a person?

Emily: Bumble is a strong, positive, and encouraging person that is the one who everyone goes to for advice, and looks up to as a role model. Bumble is the best friend or partner that everyone looks for in their lives.

What is some advice you have or you've learned about friendships? About working hard/going for what you want?

Riley: I am more concerned with and long for good conversation, creativity and connections with people who think deeper than the surface. Surrounding yourself with powerful females is not only motivating but inspiring...never have a group of girls fell in sync so effortlessly like we have. I am obsessed with our ability to remain soft while letting our fire burn hard..we will change the rules of the game...the rules of life..mark my words.

What are your values and passions, and how does Bumble align with them?

Lyle: I value creativity, passion, kindness, humor and confidence. these are all things that Bumble and the people who work for Bumble stand for and live out daily.

What about Bumble inspires you to keep working and getting involved?

Claire: Bumble is at such an important turning point with the launch of Bumble Bizz and I'm so lucky to be a part of it. I can see where Bumble is headed and I know that I can dig my heels in and do my part to help the company become even more successful in the future.

Sound like fun? We thought so! If you’d like to learn more about our College Marketing Program, check us out on Instagram or email us at honey@team.bumble.com!