Back-to-School Horoscopes to Help Make The Most of Your Semester

Photo: Courtesy of  @uncchapelhill

Photo: Courtesy of @uncchapelhill

As Virgo season begins, so does another school year! Virgo is the zodiac’s overachiever, so it’s the perfect vibe for starting classes and generally getting your life in order. While you were reuniting with friends and moving back into your home away from home, we selected one “to-do” for each zodiac sign to help you make the most of the semester. Is it time for your sign to work hard or play hard? Read on to find out.


Compete. As the first sign of the zodiac, nothing motivates you quite like coming in first place. This semester, find ways to put that competitive spirit to good use! Organize a “going green” contest for your dorm, or challenge your friends to a trivia-style study session. Even better, you can keep your body and mind in shape with intramural sports or trying to break your own personal gym records. The best part? That winning confidence makes you glow, and everyone notices.


Sense. Your sign rules the five senses, so make it a point to really feel, taste, touch, smell and listen to what’s going on around you this semester. Maybe it’s time to get off the couch and try that delicious restaurant everyone’s been raving about. Or, you could visit an art museum or see some live music. When you pay attention to the beautiful things around you, you never know who might want to join in!


Learn. Yes, we all go to school to learn, but learning doesn’t always have to take place in class! If there’s a skill or idea you’ve been itching to find out more about, make it your mission to finally do it over the next few months. Geminis are naturally gifted communicators, so challenge yourself to find a medium that feels good to you. Whether it’s fashion, photography, writing, or something else entirely, you shine when you tell your story.


Feel. The connections you make in college may be some of the most meaningful ones in your life. Even if you’re naturally introverted, make it a point this semester to let your favorite people know you care. Greet them with a welcome back care package or a homemade batch of your trademark dessert. Bonus points for hosting a get-together in your living space. Not only is your dorm one of the coziest on campus, but people also feel naturally comfortable around you! Don’t be afraid to share the love.


Celebrate. As the sign of fun, you’re always looking for a reason to throw a party. This semester, commemorate your favorite holidays and friendship milestones with full-on soirees. If you aren’t already on your social group’s events committee, volunteer to help your friends plan their tailgates and Halloween bashes. Be sure to honor your own personal victories with due celebration too. Remember: it doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy, it just has to be you.


Organize. You’re already an expert editor when it comes to writing papers, so put those skills to work in your personal life. Get a gorgeous planner and color code it to your heart’s content. Find an exercise and health routine that works for you. While you’re at it, maybe it’s time to finally donate those clothes collecting dust in the back of your closet. The more old things you clear out, the more space you’ll have for new and exciting ones to come.


Decorate. As the sign of harmony, you’re a natural at feng shui. Use your innate aesthetic to make your apartment the envy of your residence hall. Add bits of your own personality into the mix, like a poster of your favorite musician or a throw blanket you got last year on study abroad. You’re used to keeping your image very polished, but know that letting the real you shine through doesn’t mean you’re letting someone down. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and your real friends will love you for it.


Investigate. As the zodiac’s detective, you’re at your best when you’re solving life’s mysteries. What topics intrigue you? This semester, research something that’s long held your fascination. If you want to go even deeper with it, see if your favorite professors will help you along the way. You’ll probably be surprised how excited they’ll be that you asked! Even better, lots of schools have grants for students that want to do independent research. Boosting your resume and satisfying your curiosity? Yes, please!


Explore. You’re an adventurer at heart, so if school has been feeling a little monotonous, get out of your comfort zone and try something totally new. If you haven’t studied abroad before, now’s as good a time as ever! Not ready to take the plunge quite yet? Learn a new foreign language, join a meetup for international students, or study a philosophy that’s completely different than your own. Don’t be surprised if you fall head over heels in the process.


Network. As the zodiac’s CEO, you’re always thinking about business. In fact, you might be so excited for the opportunities you’ll have once you’ve finished your course of study that you forget to enjoy yourself while you’re there! Instead, build relationships that will give you a boost in your early career days. An internship could be a major leg up, as would a leadership role in one of your favorite student groups. By the time you’re finished, everyone will be saying they knew you way back when!


Lead. As the zodiac’s rebel, it might surprise you that people look up to you as a leader! You’re usually too busy marching to the beat of your own drum to notice you’ve gathered quite a following, especially on social media. This semester, be the role model you want to see in the world, supporting the causes you care about and giving back to the world around you through small acts of kindness. A little goes a long way, especially when it comes to doing good.


Dream. Your zodiac sign is the most intuitive of them all, so put that intuition to good use and let your imagination run wild. What does your heart tell you to do next? Instead of focusing on what everyone else expects, listen to your inner voice. If you don’t already, try starting a spiritual practice to ground you throughout the semester. A few good places to start? Crystals, tarot cards, and a dream journal. These tools might feel like magic, but the real magic is you choosing your own path. 



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