Our Campus Directors Take on Friendsgiving across the Country

Bumble's college campus directors sure know how to throw a Friendsgiving party. Guests couldn't have been more pleased with the abundance of tasty food, drinks, and of course, Bumble swag. Read more about these fun gatherings, below!


The Bumble team at The University of Arizona hosted a “Friendsgiving Brunch” at Cafe A La Cart, a cute local restaurant in downtown Arizona. Here's what campus director Jessica Cukier had to say:

"We chose the venue because of the amazing atmosphere, beautiful back patio, and great food. The event theme was an 'all white party,' so we decorated the venue in white and yellow. We used items such as mason jars decorated with yellow ribbon and candles inside, yellow Hershey kisses, Bumble merchandise (hairbands, stickers, straws, champagne flutes and balloons) and a handmade Bumble backdrop for girls to take pictures in front of. The overall vibe was amazing. We wanted to show girls that Bumble isn’t just a dating app, but it is a great quality, high-end networking app; an app that encourages networking between groups of amazing people.

We would like to thank the amazing staff at Cafe A La Cart for being super friendly and accommodating, and Grace Weisiger for helping us plan the event!"


The Mizzou Bumble team hosted their Friendsgiving in a private event space at Room 38 in Columbia, Missouri this past Thursday. See below for our campus director, Bella Mangan's recap:

"Room 38’s 'red room,' as it is commonly referred to, is free to reserve and serves as the perfect spot on campus for an intimate yet exciting atmosphere to enjoy with friends. We had our own area where we could truly enjoy our time together — sharing stories, laughing, and getting to know one another. The ambassadors and I are from three different sororities and two different classes, so we had a wide variety of social groups among the 30 or so women who attended. 

We wanted to completely transform this room from how the girls normally see it. As the campus director, it was my goal to truly make this a full-blown event — not just another night of dinner and drinks with friends. This included homemade flower bouquets, goodie bags (filled with locally grown honey sticks, Burt’s Bee Chapstick, and Bumble stickers), a photo booth corner, and formal seating. The tables were arranged so that each person could see everyone in the room, which truly made it feel like we had made a dozen new friends.

Everyone loved our main decoration: silver BFF balloons that stood out against the red velvet walls. It reminded everyone — old and new friends — what we were celebrating! This event made me grateful for the people I have met through my role as a Bumble campus director. My ambassadors have become such dear friends of mine and this experience has broadened my horizons, both socially and professionally, more than I could’ve ever expected! Thank you Room 38 for being so accommodating for our event... and successfully splitting our tab 30 ways!" 


The Parsons Friendsgiving took place at campus director Julia McGillicuddy's New York City apartment in the East Village. She shares her experience with us here:

"Our college team invited 15 of our closest friends to enjoy dinner together. We chose to have it at my apartment and focused on comfort so that guests could feel most at home. We wanted to show off our artistic skills so my ambassadors and I created custom Bumble menus, wallpaper, backdrops, and thank you notes. The atmosphere of the dinner was incredibly cheerful from the moment you walked in the door. My entire apartment was covered in Bumble balloons, banners, flowers, goody bags, and YELLOW! 

Each goody bag was filled with Bumble chapstick, cups, Bumblebizz notebooks, stickers, pens, pop sockets, and BumbleBFF stickers! I was so proud of my ambassadors for all of their hard work. I reached out to Sosta and by Chloe. to provide food for this dinner, and they were incredibly kind. We were gifted with assorted cookies from by Chloe., and focaccia and spreads from Sosta. All of the food was incredible and we are so grateful for these restaurants' contributions! Overall, it was a hit!"


The University of Florida team hosted their get-together at Boca Fiesta restaurant. See below for campus director Kennedy Smith's recap: 

"For our Friendsgiving we decided to take a little bit of a different approach — you can thank our guacamole and queso obsession for that. Before all our friends headed home for Thanksgiving break, we turned the outside patio of Tex-Mex restaurant Boca Fiesta into a mini Bumble oasis- yellow balloons, merch, and twinkle-lights included. We enjoyed endless chips and salsa, margaritas and cocktails before heading out for a night in midtown.

And what was the best part? No, no, it wasn't the guac. It was having all our favorite people in one place minus the awkward family catch-up conversations that are found at most Thanksgiving tables. We initially expected the event to just be our close friends, but after making a Facebook page it really caught on and over 20 other guys and girls showed up to feast. It was most definitely a Happy Friendsgiving!"

Thank you to all of our campus directors for planning these amazing parties. We are so thankful and excited to have you as part of our Hive. Happy Friendsgiving to all!


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