Bumble Success Story: Amy + Geoff

Amy and Geoff matched in June 2016! Below is their success story in their own words.

When did you match on Bumble?

Amy: We matched on Bumble on June 20th, 2016. Geoff had just returned to Detroit from Austin where he was filming a short doc for Vice News about Bumble! While filming in Austin, Bumble's CEO, Whitney Wolfe, helped Geoff set up a profile. Amy sent him a simple "hi hello!" and immediately started conversing on the app. It only took a few hours to exchange phone numbers and maybe another hour after that before setting up a date for the next day.

How long did it take to meet up after matching? What did you do for your first meet up/date?

Amy: After exchanging phone numbers, we decided we really wanted to meet in person. We would soon find out we had looked each other up on Facebook the day of our first date to find we had 40+ mutual friends! I think it was a virtual sigh of relief for us both. We met up at a coffee shop in downtown Detroit. We both immediately knew we were not only comfortable around each other, but both very attracted to one another; we got instant butterflies. After coffee, Geoff took us on a tour of some art installations around town, one being an African bead gallery that glistened in the setting sun. We finished the night at a local pub having wine on a patio.

First move: What was the first message you sent on Bumble, Amy?

I decided to keep it simple and just say something along the lines of "hi!" instead of trying to be witty/funny, which usually failed me.

First response: What was your first reply back, Geoff?

Pretty sure it was a simple "hello, how are you!". We then started with questions about one another and it was soon after that we realized how much we had in common.

How did this match feel different?

Amy: I knew immediately that I could be myself: goofy, unreserved, but still filled with butterflies. I could tell Geoff was funny and charming through our conversations. He was also as eager as I was to meet up. He didn't lead me on with a weeklong texting game - he was to the point and I loved that. What really sealed the deal for me was our mutual love of the movie "Best in Show", which was somehow brought up very early in the conversation.

Geoff: We hit it off right away. I could tell by our text conversation that she was easy to talk to and we had similar interests. Her sense of humor matched mine and I knew she wasn't like other girls.

Amy, what was your first impression of Geoff? How did you feel before the first date?

I was SO excited to meet up. I had a good feeling about the date and Geoff in general. I can't really explain it. I just had a feeling it was going to go well. The second Geoff walked through the door of the coffee shop, I felt my stomach go into my throat. He has these gorgeous blue eyes that I still to this day can't get enough of. He was personable and incredibly friendly. He laughed at my jokes and asked a lot of questions.

Geoff, what was your first impression of Amy? How did you feel before the first date?

I was looking forward to it all week. I went out the night before with some guy friends and was showing pictures. I just had this feeling it was going to be good. I walked through the coffee shop doors and she had this beaming smile. I felt right away that it would be a good night. She exceeded my expectations. She was gorgeous and I fell for her right away. I wanted to know everything about her.

What do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

Amy: We technically met online, but it turns out that our stories were intertwined long before. We both firmly believe we met years ago on a night out in Detroit but the timing was off and we didn't connect. We both feel like we've known each other our whole lives. Another unique aspect: We grew up in neighboring towns and it turns out our dads went to high school together - we even found them in a few pictures together in the 1967 yearbook! Our aunts were also best friends in high school. We think if we hadn't met through Bumble, our paths would have crossed eventually; Bumble just helped that happen sooner. We couldn't be more happy :).

Where are you now? Where are you headed in the future? (Traveling, next steps, etc.)

Amy: When we met, Geoff had just renovated an historic building in Detroit. I have since moved in and made that my home, too. Geoff is still working in film and I work full time at a wellness center outside of Detroit. Last summer we traveled to Los Angeles for the premiere of Geoff's movie and this summer we have a road trip planned to Nashville to see the Total Solar Eclipse. (Did I mention we're huge dorks?) We still make each other laugh every single day and are incredibly grateful for Bumble for helping us find each other.

Thanks so much to Amy and Geoff for sharing their story! We're so happy for you two!

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